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I rarely favourite stuff 'cause I'm a mean bastard.


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United Kingdom
Alrighty then. Not much to say really... I'm a human/hamster hybrid type thing that plays video games and takes about a year to make a single M.U.G.E.N character =P

So hey. This is my DeviantArt page or whatever. I upload stuff. Yeah. Coolbeans, that.

"But hang on! I saw stuff in your gallery that isn't MUGEN!", asked nobody ever.

On a side note, I rarely do requests. I especially don't do them in bulk, so if you send me loads of requests, expect them be ignored/rejected. I also refuse to do character requests (as in making an entire character) - I create the characters I want to create, nothing else.

TA-SECT team
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Jetgoshi Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Hey Matt, any advice how to make a lifebars like yours?
PlasmoidThunder Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016
If you want to make stuff as bad as mine, you can't even try to make an effort.

If you're referring to the coding aspect, I kinda just studied how other lifebars were coded.
Jetgoshi Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Student Digital Artist
If only that I don't  want a life bars that layer go on front to block my view.
PlasmoidThunder Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
Well that's fine. You can specify what layer you want each lifebar element to be on, though I personally prefer them to be on top so that they're not obscured by anything.
sakura-windsprite Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...hi uh
this is Pichu Soular, as you can probably already tell ^^;
i don't think i can be on wikia anymore, since a certain someone found my profile, and i don't want them spying on me in the chats...
but i really didn't want to leave you.. i think you're an awesome person and i want to be able to talk to you more ;^;
Garfieldfan22 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I found a character that may/or may not make it to the Database(MUGEN Database to be exact):…

It'll read this: •A‚‚©‚³
Click the link under that to download it.

(BTW, It's Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star. Shame that there are only two characters from that series on the Database. Still can't figure out why the wiki took down Odie from the Garfield comic strip.)
There are many characters we're missing (this one included).

Odie was deleted because the article lacked gameplay information. It comes to a point when there's more source text than there is text about three separate versions combined, not to mention that the descriptions talked about sprites, sounds and which version was the best/worst, and not how they actually play.
Garfieldfan22 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I kinda understand that. I'll try and make another using the new character template and get some gameplay info in. However, I may lack time, so expect it to be incomplete. If somebody beats me to it, well, I wouldn't know what to say.
Jetgoshi Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey Matt, I been wonder if you do a palettes patch for Tyranitar, Tyrantrum and Gyarados?
PlasmoidThunder Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015
Whoa, that'd be 36 palettes (well, 33 seeing as the default ones already exist)! That's quite a lot!

I may do Gyarados as I have that one in my roster.
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